Learn to grow food in the city with Walworth Garden Farm

During my final year of the BA Interior Design course at London College of Communication I developed an interest in innovative ways in which food can be grown within urban setting and also the ways people can participate during the design process.

As I begun my research into urban growing schemes, one day I found a leaflet in my letter box with all sorts of local (Southwark) news among which one place – Walworth Garden Farm caught my attention. I decided to further explore the website of the farm and I was thrilled to find out they not only offer free courses but they also offer specialized course focused on ‘GROWING FOOD IN THE CITY’. This course is part of whole series of ‘Introduction to Gardening’ free courses and is aimed for beginner gardeners.

The course was led by Scarlett Cannon who clearly and passionately explained and demonstrated the basic techniques needed for getting started with ‘urban’ gardening. At the end of the day I realized how little space is needed for growing for example salad leaves, herbs or even tomatoes.

Most importantly the course encouraged me in developing and finalizing the major final year university project during which I have proposed a design for MULTILEVELED – VERTICAL – URBAN ALLOTMENTS responding and offering solution to the increasing demand for the allotments sites in dense areas of London, such as Southwark.

Ever since attending the gardening course I became more confident in trying to grow all sorts of plants. I would be lying if I said all my attempts were successful but the planters and pots are gradually taking over the empty corners of  my two balconies. 

Although the course at the Walworth Garden Farm lasts only one day I believe it gives plenty of information for any beginner gardener especially with inspirational tutor such as Scarlett Cannon.

Walworth Garden Farm
Manor Place, Braganza Street
London SE17 3BN

New dates for 2011-2012 courses will be announced here.

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