Living Labs Global Awards 2012 & CityMart




Living Labs Global Awards 2012 together with CityMart offer online platforms where innovative city solutions cab be shared. All projects submitted to the Living Labs Global Awards 2012 have one thing in common; they all hope to improve cities of today. The projects respond to all sorts of issues from transport, mobility and logistics, public services and tourism to carbon emissions.

From all the projects a selection of short listed ones will be announced on the 5th of March 2012, leading to round two of short listing on the 15th of April and finally the winning project will be announced on the 2nd and 3rd of May and the most importantly the winning project will function as a pilot will get a chance to be realised !!!

Living Labs Award has existed since 2009 and helped to offer ground breaking ideas and technologies to the cities from all around the world and it was my honor to be able to submit my project ‘Multileveled Vertical Urban Allotments’ in to the Living Labs Global Awards 2012 and take part in this inspiring online platform.

See my project on CityMart…sign in and view projects from around the world.

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    • Lucie Author at 7:58 am

      … unfortunately my project didn’t get to the next round, but it was still worth trying :)…thank you Scarlett !!!