The PARKLAND WALK – amazing nature reserve on disused railway line in central London

I used to live at Hornsey Lane close to Highgate and only after about a year and half living it the area I discovered an amazing place called The Parkland Walk which is a narrow strip of wonderful nature reserve, a place where used to be a railway line. Due to its original use The Parkland Walk is really well hidden between houses by mature trees and bushes that used to border the train line, so finding it can be sometimes difficult.

However, the map from the Friends of the Parkland Walk website clearly shows all access points.

The Parkland Walk starts at the Alexandra Park and goes to Highgate Wood (first section) and then it starts again from Highgate Station and continues all the way to Finsbury Park (second section); creating a walk that is about 6km long.

If you would like to find out more information about the Parkland Walk please visit The Friends of the Parkland Walk website, where you can read everything from history to fauna and flora and events. Or you can also visit the Haringey Council website with a dedicated page for the Parkland walk.

But most importantly make sure you go and VISIT the Parkland walk itself and experience this magical place yourself !!!

Photo from The Telegraph.

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