The Real Food Market at the Southbank Centre

S.P.I.C.E.S, CH.E.E.S.E., C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E, C.A.K.E.S, W.I.N.E.S, H.O.N.E.Y, P.I.E.S, B.R.E.A.D, .S.A.U.S.A.G.E.S, T.A.R.T.S, C.O.F.F.E.E B.E.A.N.S, F.R.U.I.T, V.E.G.E.T.A.B.L.E, P.R.E.S.E.R.V.E.S, J.A.M.S, and much more ……. you can find at The Real Food Market which  is part of The Real Food Festival. The market is a great place for visiting for anyone who would like to taste delicious food made out of fresh ingredients and also get to know foreign cuisine such as French, Spanish, Hungarian and many more. The Real Food market is held every weekend at the Southbank Centre – Friday to Sunday and is located right behind the Royal Festival hall. Please see the map here.

 The Real Food Market has a great atmosphere and you might even find an inspiration for your Christmas presents there too. In fact, the market is going to be open everyday from the 16th to 23rd December from 12pm till 8pm (6pm Sundays). During this time you will be able to find every traditional Christmas delicatessen possible with the focus on chocolate at the weekend of 9th till 11th of December !!! You can check out the The Real Food Market diary and decide yourself when it is best to go … it is definitely a place worthwhile visiting !.!.!

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