Bespoke baby changing table by Nanovo

I always loved old furniture especially the mid-century pieces. It is probably because I grew up with this type of furniture around me. There is certain nostalgia about seeing furniture that your grandparents once had.

Looking at this furniture with adult eyes I can see the quality it has been designed and made with. Most of this furniture still looks modern decades later.

Chest of drawers called U-450 is a piece of furniture that my granddad still has at his home in Czech Republic and I admire it every time I visit him. So when I had a chance to get the same piece from a friend that no longer wanted it, I didn’t hesitate for one second.

The chest of drawers needed to be restored so I contacted company Nanovo. Due to my love of 20th century furniture and accessories I knew company Nanovo for a while as I often browsed through their website admiring all items they were selling.

After few consultations Nanovo team also agreed to make bespoke changing unit for our baby boy that would sit on top of chest of drawers but could be removed in the future.

We followed below inspiration image and the final result could not be any better. Nanovo did a great job and I would definitely recommend their services to anyone! They even organized a delivery to Switzerland for us!

The chest of drawers has been designed by Jiří Jiroutek for Interiér Praha in 1960s. The drawers were originally pink, black and white but I have asked Nanovo to restore it to just black & white version. Here you can see all available colours they have.(1. Pink, 2. Yellow, 3. Simple B&W)

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