Pebble Candles

I have recently visited Switzerland’s capital town Bern. During the walk through the old city center I came across a unique place called Secret Garden.

One thing I spotted straightaway were those beautiful Pebble Candles in the window display! I’ve never seen candles like these. There were so original and so beautiful…true art !

I have researched a bit more about this place and found out the owners Adrian Leichtnam and Patrizia Leichtnam – Uhlmann are inspired by nature treasures and their candles are inspired by Swiss Alps. The candles symbolize the relationship between humans and mountains.

Ever since I was little I’ve been collecting stones and pebbles. And that is probably the main reason I find this idea so intriguing.

The candles are made with manual process and each piece is original. If you were interested you can purchase the candles here. The Secret Garden is an unconventional flower shop which is definitely worth visiting if you ever find yourself in city of Bern.

How to get there:
Kramgasse 13
3011 Bern
031 311 37 70

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