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I have moved to Vevey in Switzerland 1,5 years ago and one of the first thing we needed to get organized was settling into our new home. Although we had lots of furniture from our previous home in the UK we still needed some extra pieces. Back then I struggled to orient myself in finding shops I could go to. And for this reason I have created this list. It summaries shops which anyone living in Vevey, Montreux, Lausanne area can visit. I have focused on more affordable furniture & home accessories shops (with two exception on the list below) as we did not want to spent fortune on items we will most likely leave behind once we decide to move out of Switzerland.

I hope you find this list useful. If you have any other furniture and home accessories shops suggestions, please leave a comment below!


Beautifully styled shop which will give you lot of inspiration even if you do not buy anything there. The furniture is really good quality and they are right on trend. Check out the shop here.


Inexpensive shop with trendy items you will not feel too precious about. There is branch just outside of Lausanne and then one Villeneuve. If you would like to search for more option click here. I have only ever been to Villeneuve branch. They do not display as much furniture, there is more accessories and kitchenware there, but you can find their full range on their website. Check out the shop here.


This shop is beautiful again. Nicely displayed in sections by various styles. Great selection of scatter cushions and other various accessories to make your place more homely.Check out the shop here.


Micasa is a furniture shop which belongs to Migros  supermarkets. There are 32 branches in Switzerland at the moment. None of them are that close to Vevey, Montreux but you can always order online. You can also collect points on your Cumulus card with your furniture purchases. Their furniture has mid-range prices. Check out the shop here.


Great selection of small accessories, handy storage baskets, towels and other home textiles. Furniture is very affordable. Check out the shop here.


Similar to Goodform (on the list below), this shop stocks high-end brands such as Kartell, Rolf Benz, Natuzi, Alessi, Artemide, Villeroy & boch etc. Great shop to purchase investment pieces you will want to keep for years to come. Check out the shop here.


Vast amount of furniture choices. You can find anything you wish for there! Check out the shop here.


I do not think I need to describe Ikea to anyone. 😉 Check out the shop here.


Local department store in Vevey which stocks some nice accessories, home textiles and few beds & bedside tables. Wider selection of other furniture can be seen on their website. It is worth buying things when sales are on, otherwise it can get a bit pricey. They also have fabric department and can make fit to measure curtains for your home. Check out the shop here.


They have 15 stores across Switzerland with one branch in Lausanne. The style of this shop is oriental, so it only works for people who prefer this aesthetic. Check out the shop here.


online shops:


Online shop where you can buy not only furniture and accessories but also other various items such as clothes, electronics etc. Their delivery service is pretty good. Check out the shop here.


This is another online shop where you can buy good value furniture. I bought some nice ceiling lamps there. Check out the shop here.


This shops sells high end designer furniture of brands such as Vitra, Kartell, Magis, String and many more. They are based in Zug just outside of Zurich. Check out the shop here.

Any other shops you know about? Please leave a comment.

Thank you !!!

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