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  1. Paul burrows at 12:44 pm


    Saw your mosaic tiles on DIY SOS, wondered whether it is possible for them to be purchased in England?

    Hope you can help!!

    Paul burrows

    • Lundy Wilder-Villa Lagoon Tile at 11:54 pm

      Thank you for your email.
      The response from UK clients for our Patchwork Tile has been huge.

      UK clients order thru us directly.

      We are partnered with Daniel Bailo of Mosaico who sends out the tiles from his German
      distribution center. Your order would go from Morocco along with other orders to

      Wuppertal and be dispatched from there to you.

      Delivery usually takes about 4 weeks.

      Right now we had an unexpected purchase of our entire stock by a Hong Kong commercial
      client, so it will be mid-August before our stock is replenished.

      To give you an order proposal including shipping we need
      1.your exact delivery address,
      2.your phone number, and number of Patchwork Assortments you want.(also if Group 1 or Group 2)

      Recent small sales to UK clients totaled up like this, (Tile, VAT, Freight, Sm Order Upchg) :

      1 Units of Tile (4 boxes of 16 of the 20 cm tiles)
      Surrey…323 euros
      London ..309

      2 Units of Tile (8 boxes of 16 of the 20 cm tiles)
      London…523 euros

      Ireland is a bit higher due to shipping costs.

      This should give you an idea if the purchase fits in your budget for your project.

      Be sure to include at least 10% extras, and if not needed they can be used for trivets or garden elements.

      Daniel will provide installation instructions and sealant info using European products and he can also include the sealants in your order if you want. ALL cement tiles must be sealed and a final coat of wax is recommended.

      Let us know if you wish to proceed and we will have Daniel send a detailed order proposal (a quote).

      Thanks, Lundy
      PS–for an order proposal be sure we have your exact full address and phone number as well if you want Group 1, Group 2 or a mix. The tiles are prepackaged and the assortment cannot be altered.

    • Lucie Author at 7:35 am

      Hi Paul, I have contacted the Villa Lagoon Tile company and they have responded immediately. Please see how to purchase the tiles in their comment above. cheers Lucie

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