From Garden City to Green City

From Garden City to Green City is a fascinating exhibition at the Garden Museum which opened on the 23rd of September and is closing on this Sunday the 1st of April 2012! So don’t miss your chance to visit it in the next few days!

The exhibition features number of projects and studies that has influenced the ‘green city movements from around 150 years ago up until now’. There are more and more ‘green’ initiatives out there that try within architecture, interior design and product design bring more nature into people’s everyday life. ‘We are living in a time when an increasing number of people believe that the balance between what is built and what grows must change.’ And the exhibition ‘From Garden City to Green city’ is showcasing perfect examples of works that demonstrate this trend.

Just to name few, the projects included in the ‘From Garden City to Green City’ are for example.


Farm:Shop (Dalston), Edible Bus Stop, and The Plant in Chicago


Guerilla Gardening, and ‘meanwhile gardens’ – Eastern Curve in Dalston


Created by individuals: London house with a wildflower meadow, The Insect Hotel.

Beegate Estate – Insect Hotel

What a clever idea! Beegate Estate is a tribute to Heygate Estate which is located near Elephant & Castle station but is currently under demolition. Beegate Estate is made out of recycled materials and is trying to offer new ‘collective space’ for any kind of insect living in the garden. This idea of applying of the utopian modernist ideas on something like a bee house is really interesting and provoking. It encourages the coexistence of various insect under one roof and tries to create an utopian ideal. Go and see yourself if there are any vacancies left in the Beegate Estate!

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