Giant Floor Lamps as seen in Costa Coffee interiors

Have you noticed new interiors of some newly opened Costa Coffee branches? I visited a new Costa in Covent Garden and I love the mixture of retro furniture and lighting that is used within the interior. The pieces that caught my eye and probably element that can not be overlooked by anyone are the giant floor lamps.  

As soon as I saw one of those giant floor lamps I knew I wanted to find out where to get them from !!! It took a little while finding who actually sells and designs them but eventually I found out they are a product of Anglepoise.

The exact name of the giant floor lamp is Anglepoise Type 1228 and it has been designed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its original little predecessor the Anglepoise Original 1227, the desk table lamp.

The Anglepoise Type 1228, comes in 6 colours – anthracite grey, vermillion orange, vanilla cream, cobalt blue, jet black, signal red.

The price for the original lamp is £2,246.00 but if you could not afford to pay that much money but still wanted similar giant floor lamp I have put together couple of other options.


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