Tea cup jewellery display holder – make your own !

I love old and vintage objects and what I love even more is using original objects for different purpose than they were made for … so one day I came up with this practical solution for storing and displaying all my earrings. I always kept all my earrings in the jewellery box where everything got mixed up but now using these beautiful tea cups allows me to see all earrings clearly and its much easier to chose which pair to wear everyday!

So how to make your own tea cup jewellery display holder?

You can buy similar looking tea cups at any car boot sale or charity shop and you just need to use a piece of string to hang the tea cup at your desirable place in your home and it is done !


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    • Lucie Author at 3:28 pm

      Thank you Nicola, I am glad you like my idea. It’s so easy to make ! and I am sure you will have fun making it too!!! it would be great to see the end result…if you send me a picture of the end result I would love to post it on my facebook page …. ‘Interior design inspiration by Lucie Sadakova’ … THANK YOU !

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