Multileveled vertical urban allotments

Final Major University project inspired by the dissertation research of Yona Friedman’s ideas who focuses on democratisation of design process and giving freedom in defying the spaces to the final users. Participation, he believes is very fundamental yet missing part in urban planning.

Translating Friedman’s ideas of participation I focused on gardens, more specifically allotments which could be said always represent the places that carry stories of everybody that contributes to them. “Each plot bears the signature of its owner, and the shared enterprise of improvising a small-scale landscape is a source of endless originality.” Allotments are a great alternative for those living in flats without gardens and are growing in popularity. However allotments are in short supply especially in high density urban areas of London such as Southwark.Multileveled Vertical Urban Allotmentsall allotments,inside


The project aims to bring an innovative solution by designing multileveled vertical urban allotments which in turn make use of derelict or underused spaces. Eventually multiple function of the building that is open to the public, offers an interpretation centre for schools and seasonal use for those affected by S.A.D (Seasonal affective disorder) all contributes to sustainable development in London.



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