Have you ever wondered where your furniture actually comes from, or who stands behind the manufacture of your chosen piece? It is not often you will find a company that has such strong beliefs in keeping traditional furniture making techniques alive as well as helping communities in developing countries.

I have known VJ the founder of Trunk company for almost two years so I know how much passion and dedication he puts into all his work. As soon as I found out about his Trunk company idea I knew it would be something worth sharing. But I wouldn’t be promoting the Trunk if I didn’t believe in the ethos of the company myself.

I absolutely love the fact each piece of furniture from Trunk has a note on its individual web page showing the country the piece was made in. This way you can really appreciate and trace the true furniture origins. It also becomes a part of a story of each individual piece purchased trough Trunk. This way the company increases awareness of developing countries and promotes more responsibility towards people’s choices. Due to the nature of the manufacture processes (no mass production) there is a limited number of pieces that can be made at the same time, and this makes the furniture even more unique. Additionally by using reclaimed wood Trunk also shows it cares about the environment.

I should also mention Trunk does not only offer furniture but also amazing accessories and lighting. All the pieces have timeless design and will definitely be your investment pieces that will last for years …

I love sharing information about companies such as Trunk … so go and discover as Trunk says ‘WORLDLY TREASURES’ on their website yourself !!!





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